Learn the background of our quartet.

Forming in January of 2017, this quartet features over eighty years of combined barbershop experience. In their first International competition, they were fortunate enough to breeze right into the Top 10. They consistently blow away audiences with their unique sound, music and performance style.

Tim (Wafter) Reynolds - Tenor


Tim is new to the Tenor part, after being a successful Lead for many years. Along the way, he’s earned four District Championships and five International Bronze Medals while singing with six different quartets in seven states—proving one thing; He can’t get along with anyone!  With Category 4, he’s excited to be lending his unique style and voice, floating like a breeze on all the high notes. When he’s not working at his successful women’s hat shop, he likes to rebuild classic muscle cars. He’s currently restoring a 1973 Ford Pinto.

Tim (Zephyr) Brooks - Lead

Tim’s talent for Lead singing was uncovered at an early age. His mother had him singing the melody in a trio with his older sisters at Lutheran churches all across the great plains of North Dakota. Tim only objected when he was forced to wear pigtails and poodle skirts as these outfits didn’t bring out the highlights of his curly red hair. As the Lead for Category 4, he brings a long history of success, having won four District Championships and seven International Bronze Medals.  He is known for spending long hours trying to find those places in their music where he can truly shine and the others are made to look bad. As a result, he’s in an ongoing “Diva Rehab” program and spends his spare time making no-drip candles.

Kirk (Nor’Easter) Young - Bass

Kirk began singing barbershop at an early age in his home state of Maine. Despite his youth, he had a very developed low Bass voice, which allowed him to pay his way through high school and college by performing Tennessee Ernie Ford songs at local Karaoke bars. Through his barbershop career, Kirk has earned three District Championships and competed at International many times. As the Bass of Category 4, he continues this strong-winded tradition, urging the quartet to feature a Bass solo in all songs. At a minimum, he insists that they begin every song with some type of Bass pickup. When not fulfilling his minor duties at a major award manufacturer, he works part-time as a voice-over artist for local public television stations with an emphasis on animal documentaries. He also enjoys playing “whack-a-mole” at family pizza parlors.

Clay (Cold Front) Hine - Baritone

Clay has also been a Barbershopper since his early teens, singing with his dad and brother in Michigan and Illinois. He moved to Georgia after college and began quartet singing in earnest. Along the way, he has won three District Championships and eight International Medals, including a Silver and the coveted first-place Gold with the very popular quartet FRED. As part of Category 4, Clay navigates the Baritone part just like wind through the buildings of downtown Chicago: unpredictable and unpleasant.  He does most of their vocal arrangements and provides much-need comic relief during their extended rehearsals. Clay works as an underwear model and spends his spare time arranging music for Tibetan throat singers.

Category 4 Quartet